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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grow a Set!

Normally, at this juncture I would go on a giant tirade about how our President is a huge liar and is greatly misrepresenting the work done by his pal Harry Reid and the US Senate.  I would rant and rave at how insincere it is to claim the GOP wants to "raise taxes on working Americans," because the House did not pass the Senate's version of a budget, which recently means a very, very short term extension, in this case about 2 months.  Generally, expletives would be flying around as I lay out how the Senate has not passed a budget in more than a thousand days (yes, thats over 3 years.)  But not this time, this time I am coming after the Republican leadership and establishment who cannot seem to do the right thing and look like the Good Guy at the same time.

You see, the House GOP is completely aligned with what their voters wanted when they were elected, especially the 2010 Midterm, where there was a bigger  swing in seats in the House than any other time in the last 60 years.  They have it right, no more piddly extensions so we have to have this discussion again before the snow melts (in Ohio).  The Repubs want to do a full year, which is how spending and budgets and all that stuff is supposed to be done.  But the Dems in the Senate pulled some slight of hand by passing the extension as they were closing up shop for Christmas, and leaving town before the ink was dry, therefor, not allowing for the process of a committee that would work out a compromise between the two different bills, as the House's bill did not exactly match the Senate's bill.  Pretty sneaky, and it even got the support of Obama, who has at least all the available jets ready to fly to Hawaii for the Obama family "whatever they celebrate."  Ya see, the GOP need to stand in front of every camera and every microphone and demand the President get off his plane and that the Senate reconvene to complete their Constitutionally mandated job of passing a budget.  They need to be blunt and let the American people know that the Dems just wanted to go home for Christmas and did not want to do what they should to collect their paychecks (our tax dollars).  But instead, I hear all the rejects on the news stating things like the Repubs are just playing politics by adding the Keystone Pipeline to the bill, putting the President in a tough spot to make a hurried decision.  Good, I am glad they did, 50 plus thousand jobs would do us good right now, plus the oil from a friendly neighbor (Canada) instead of an unstable region who wants to kill us would be seen at the pump.  By the way, it would not be hurried either, this pipeline has been studied for 3 years.  At any rate, the GOP needs to speak out with what their intentions are, what the problem is, and stop being so nice to a political opponent who has no interest in the American process, only in re-election.  Please, Republican leadership, listen to your voters, follow your principals, and grow a set!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

SORRRY... Threw Up In My Mouth A Little

So the news is out, our brave, selfless, heroes are comming home from Iraq, so let me, from the bottom of my soul, thank you for what you have had to sacrifice so that I can sit here and run my mouth while my wonderful children can watch whatever they want on a bajillion channels in a nice toasty house after eating (close your ears First Lady Obama) chicken mcnuggets and apples.  Without your (and your familys') unique ability to swallow your suffering to put God and Country first, we would not be able to continue as the greatest nation the human experiment has ever created.

With all that said, and said sincerely, I have to appologize that I about drove off the road as I listened to the President's speech at Ft. Bragg where he put himself in front of the Country (again) to feed his insatiable ego.  I am sorry that your joy of being reunited with your families, possibly in time for the holdidays.... ahhh, screw it... in time for Christmas has to be ruined, politicized, and downplayed by someone so unAmerican as Mr. Obama.  I remember hearing him say he was "the only major candidate who did not support going to Iraq."  And while that may be the case, in spirit... he did not actually stand on the floor of the US Senate and rail agaisnt the "cause" to the face of VP Cheney, as Barry was in the Illinois STATE Senate at the time.  Speaking of the "cause," it was not applaudable, or acceptable, when President Bush spoke of the evils of the Iraqi Regime at the time, I do believe Mr. Obama stated it was "a stupid war."  In fact, he actually went all around the Middle East appoligizing for America's arrogance once he became Commander in Chief.  But now, however, now that they are his "orders," the "cause is noble and just," and we did the things to bring freedom to people who so desperately needed it.  REALLY?  How gullible, ignorant, uninformed, and naive do you think we are, Barry?  How dare you stand in front of the people who signed up to possibly die for our Country and ooze your slimy, dishonest drivle?  Playing on the emotions of families willing to sacrifice all to play at their heart strings as "the one who brought them home" makes my stomach heave.  I will be heartless and shallow enough to say that it figures, you ran on ending the War when you were elected, now you will seek re election on the emotions of bringing home our loved ones... shame on you.  I hope I sit here, bantering away, not alone, but among many who find distaste in what was said, among many who will, and do, remember your hate for something for which you now want credit, among many who just threw up in their mouths a little bit.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not Here!

Recently it has made local and national news that a 200 lbs. 3rd grader was removed from his family's home at the request of Children's Services, which was granted by a juvenile court judge.  The reason for this horrendous act was because the boy COULD POSSIBLY develop health issues like hypertension IN THE FUTURE.  The argument is that the boy is in IMMEDIATE DANGER.  The last time I checked the definition of immediate, there were a few words missing that were used in this violation of a family's rights.... could possibly, and in the future.  Do I like to see kids, teen agers, and adults so heavy that they cannot walk up a flight of stairs, let alone enjoy life?  No, that's far from what my ideal physical health utopia would look like.  However, I do not think a level of unelected bureaucrats (Children Services) should be able to lobby a judge to do anything, especially remove a child from a family environment that is absent of drug/alcohol abuse, sexual/physical abuse, or other rampant crime.  The child, while heavy, seemed to be well adjusted, participating in many programs at school, along with being an honor student.  By the way, the 3rd graders 16 year old brother, tall and skinny... doesn't strike me as the Clumps where the entire family has resigned to chronic overeating.  At no time during this report has there been any indication that the boy has had any test done to review any systemic issues, like thyroid issues.  That sounds like a logical next step, but no, we would rather knock on some body's door and drag their kid out of the house.

So, where does this slippery slope end?  I am going pose a few questions in an effort to make the point that government needs to be put back on the leash that the Founding Fathers put it on.  Its not a long stretch to say that now the parents cannot be obese, as this is setting a bad example for the kids, at which time, the children need to be taken from their family because their parents are overweight.  In that case, I would lose my kids, as I currently fall into the medical category of "morbidly obese."  I could argue that we try to monitor our eating habits where we have vegetables at almost every meal, candy and cookies are kept at a minimum, there is no Pepsi or Coke in the fridge, and we encourage fruits for snacks.  I also exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day, often times taking one of the girls on a bike ride with me, or encouraging them to join me in non-weightlifting workouts.  But alas, I am a bit chubby, but don't come knockin' on my door demanding to take my children.  It would not be hard to now make the argument that my kids need to go into foster care because they might be outside playing on a sunny day and I forgot to put sun screen on them... it must be my master plan to give my kids skin cancer, gotta take 'em away!  At what point does it stop?  This is why our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution in the manner they did, in attempt to stop the creation of an over reaching, self imposing, police state government.  Please, America, stand up for yourself.  Call or write your elected officials.  Get to know where those people stand on issues, find the people who want to put that dog back on its chain, before we turn into Socialist/Communist Europe West.  Stand up for yourself before doing so will get you jailed.  Exercise your rights, as is the body, the more you exercise, the healthier your rights.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Honest Answer? Honestly.

So, rumor has it Herman Cane won the Florida Straw Poll last week.  While he is one of my early favorites, I need some of the Democrat supporters to answer an honest question honestly.  So, here it goes, how does the "Tea Party is racist" narrative continue as a black man seems to garner the support of the freedom-loving, Constitutional-following, Americans that have been proclaimed by left wing minded people in Hollywood and government to hate people based on their skin tone?   And more to the point, how are the mainstream media elite going to quesiton and disagree anything that Mr. Cane does or says, would that not in turn make them the racists?  The claim that to be the case when we criticize Barry.  I want to see the loudmouthed Janine Gerafalo (spelling?) call Herman Cane a racist because ummm, well... geez, that just wouldn't work would it?  I want to see somebody on Comedy Central tell Mr. Cane he hates black people because he wants all Americans to get off their duffs and pursue something besides PlayStation.  I want to hear the soundbite of some ignorant,  pompus ass in the Congressional Black Caucus (a racist entinty in and of itself) make a statement liking Herman Cane to wanting African-Americans to swing from trees.  They have all said it about those of us who find ourselves aligning with the back to basics ideals of the Tea Party and have little to endear us to either of the main parties.  They have stepped totally out of bounds in trying to diminish the impact of the grass roots movement.  I'm sure it won't be long untill the same things are said about a black man, who does have experiences living through segregation and racisim, using the token phrases like he is "an oreo" or an "uncle tom."  I see him as the poster child of what the American Dream is all about, he busted his butt to make something from his modest childhood, and now he stands before us, offering us the answers to the questions Obama and his followers cant honestly answer.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Riddle Me This, Mr. President

So, Mr. President, your out there campaigning for both your next term and you $450 billion stimulus package that "Congress must pass now."  A few things I need anwered before I even consider not considering this a total waste of time and money. 

First, where in the bleepity bleepin' heck is the $1 trillion we gave you 2 years ago?  If you can give me an destination that does not include some labor union, teachers union, "green" jobs, or global warming funding, I might consider it not complete crap for about.... times up!  That failed, as predicted by everybody who is not you, Harry Reid, or Princess Nancy.

Second, if you can give me a reason that counters the issues that lie within the Solindra fiasco, again I might think about, nope, never mind.  Not sure how that situation is not some how illegal, and possibly impeachable.  But I do know, without a doubt, it was a complete failure and waste of taxpayer money, to the tune of $500 million plus.  For those of you who have not heard of Solindra (if Im spelling it right), it was a "green" company that was going to make solar panels, that due to Chinese competition, among other things, was doomed to fail before they even broke ground.  But, Mr. Obama came to the rescue, giving a government guaranteed loan for the above mentioned half a billion.  By the way, the "venture capitalists" involved in Solindra?  Major Obama donors.

Lastly, and I hate to do this to the loyal readers, but why should you even be President after the death of Boarder Patrol Agent Terry?  Again, not heard of this?  For anybody who has the time to do a little searching, check into Operation Gunrunner, Operation Gunwalker, or Operation Fast and Furious.  The Dept. of Justice Claims it to be a law enforcement operation, except that it extends into Mexico, which is where our jurisdiction stops.  What it really was meant to do was create statistics about gun violence on the Mexican boarder with drug runners in an effort to argue more gun control laws.  Unfortunately, for Obama, the stats were not there, so they started taking guns south, against our own laws.  Sadly, some guns have made their way back north, and have been used against our own agents... so why is our government in the business of selling guns to drug cartels?  Riddle me that, Mr. President.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enough Already!

Some of you may have watched the "Presidential Address" about creating jobs, blah blah blah.  I did not do so myself, but let me give this a shot.  Barrack made several mentions about infrastructure jobs and putting Americans back to work, to the tune of costing the tax-payers about $400 billion.  We need to fix our crumbling roads and bridges and barfady barf.  WE HEARD THIS 2 YEARS AGO!!!  Mr. Obama, you got $800+  billion, and what can we show for it?  NOTHING!  Dont give me this jobs created or save crap, the overall impact was zilch.  I am sure we Amercians also got lectured about civility and playing nice, but have we noticed that only happens when he wants something.  When the American people want (or dont want) something, we are too dumb to know any better and he is going to do whats best for us.  Any mention of "bi-partiasanship"?  Again, see the previous statement about when he wants something.  How about the Tea Party?  Any mention of them "holding the Country hostage?"  How about being "terrorists?"  Did he happen to appoligize for any of the "Tea Party is racist" rhetoric that is flying around, even during speeches that introduce him?  Did we get to hear about "green jobs?"  Biggest load of crap ever, please see my previous post about Al Gore.  How about the "Millionaires and Billionaires that make over $250 G not carrying their fair share?"  Still waiting on the math that explains the $750 G gap, then I will argue how that steaming pile of cow dung will not work.   I got a few ideas, Mr. Obama, for how YOU can create jobs, and not government ones.  First, lift your unConstitutional (as ruled by federal judges) moritorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, BAM!  Tens of thousands of jobs almost immediately.  Second, get your Dept. of Justice out of Boeings ass!  Stop sueing them because they went to a Right to Work state and left the Unions in the dust, ironically, the layered more jobs at the Union plant due to anticipated orders, POW thousands of more jobs in a blink of an eye. Third, repeal Obamacare, its expensive, kills jobs, and eventually, will lead to the complete ruin of the most successful and technically advanced medical systems in history.  Lower corporate tax rates, as we are the highest corporate tax rate in the world, and we honestly wonder why jobs are leaving?  Get rid of capitol gains taxes, instant incentive to invest in American business.  Anybody wanna place a wager on what happens on Wahl Street tomarrow?  Betcha the Dow drops, it does everytime Barry opens his mouth, but we shall see.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dont Even Know Where To Start

Just read an article from Reuters today saying that the Federal Government is going to sue Big Banks because they packaged bad, high risk mortgages in with truly solid investments and sold them as securities.  This is the part where I'm so full of beligerant rants that I don't know where to start.  Sure, we bailed the banks out, which I was not a big fan of by the way, there are bankruptcy laws in this country for a reason.  With that being said, this particular piece of writing happned to leave out pretty much all the details of how the banks ended up with these subprime mortagages in the first place.  This practice actually started with Carter, Clinton dabbled a bit, and then the Democratic Congress's that we have had running the show from time to time, used the Community Reinvestment Act to put pressure on lenders to lend to unworthy barrowers.  This makes people like Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd look real good to their poverty-stricken constituents, leading to more votes.  Banks were forced by auditors from the Fed to meet certain percentages and quotas in order to maintain ratings and percentage points that would make it favorable to the banks.  If they were not "compliant" bad things happened like lesser ratings, which impacted the banks ability to do business, and dont forget ACRN.  ACRN (Obama's employer before he ran for the Senate) was busy "protesting" banks and bank presidents for being "racist" among other things.  Who could forget about the 14 year old boy who locked himself in a bathroom for hours on end because about 150 ACRN protestors were on his front lawn while his banking father was not home... oh, wait, none of you probably ever heard about that, my bad.  Before I turn this into novel, the best analogy I have for ya goes like this... I walk into a bar, resturant (you can pick the public place when you tell the story) and pick a random person.  I approach this person, and without warning, full on punch them square in the face, breaking their nose and knocking out a tooth.  And now the punchline (no pun intended), I sue him for his face getting in the way of my fist... gotta love it!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Say What?

Wow, Mr. Gore, did YOU really just say that?  Of all things, saying people who refuse to beleive your giant money making scam are the same as some of the worst people to walk on our planet is quite a stretch... even for you, ManBearPig.  To liken those of us who see your Carbon Trading crock for what it is to people who would beat, kill, and harrass an innocent indvidual soley because of their skin color is down right dispicable.  So, with that being said, let us look a little deeper and see what drives you Dr. CO2, to set standards that the rest of us have to, unwillingly, live by.  A couple of simple questions before we get to the hard part... first, why do you have a mansion in Nashville that runs an electric bill for a month equal to mine for an entire year?  Don't give me that "I purchase carbon offsets" booyang for the simple fact that the company you "buy" your credits from is...um, well...um... YOU!  What do you do, move the money from your left pocket to your right pocket?  Second, if the ice caps are melting and the sea levels are "rising at alarming rates," then please tell me, what on God's Green Earth (and I say green because CO2 is plant food and they are green) are you doing buying an multi million dollar estate BESIDE THE OCEAN!  Might just call you Cpt. Hypocrite after that move.  Lastly, how can you say "the science is setteled" when the "scientific source" for you scheme (East Anglia University) has admitted that they cherry picked data to support your efforts, and in fact, the data actually shows the earth cooling since 1998?  So, I ask you, dear sir, at what point are my disbeliefs not racists, and at what point are your schemes psyhcotic?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Terms Of Service

Hello All!  Just my first attempt at creating a blog that will hopefully entertain, and with any luck, educate those of you who choose to participate in sharing of knowldege.  Some ground rules, since this is my page.  First, you must be open-minded and willing to research anything that I say that you disagree with.  Second, re-stating anything that has come out of Michael Moore's mouth about, well, anything, or Al Gore's mouth about, well, anything, but more specifically "global warming" is not going to be based in reality, so it will not be considered as an educated response.  I am open for passionate and intelligent debate, not so much up for name calling or shouting down what I have to say.  I will be up front when I say that if you choose to let loose the foulness of calling me a racist or neo-Nazi because I lean toward the conservative side of life, I will respond now, one time only, then delete every cowardly thing you have to say.  First, calling me a racist because I am white would then make you prejudice because you are making judgements about me based on skin tone, so touche!  Second, recent history has the party of (D) lined up on the side of being the racists, I can go into detail at a later date to make that point. And lastly, I want everybody to have the equal access to get out there and better themselves by taking responsibilty for their lives and not laying around waiting for another hand out.  The basic concept is that the American Dream is the opportunity to make your life better, not what can be taken from somebody and given to somebody else in the name of "fairness."  So, hopefully you can accept these terms of service and we can move on to a second post at some point in time.  Until then, take nothing for granted and be willing to learn.