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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Honest Answer? Honestly.

So, rumor has it Herman Cane won the Florida Straw Poll last week.  While he is one of my early favorites, I need some of the Democrat supporters to answer an honest question honestly.  So, here it goes, how does the "Tea Party is racist" narrative continue as a black man seems to garner the support of the freedom-loving, Constitutional-following, Americans that have been proclaimed by left wing minded people in Hollywood and government to hate people based on their skin tone?   And more to the point, how are the mainstream media elite going to quesiton and disagree anything that Mr. Cane does or says, would that not in turn make them the racists?  The claim that to be the case when we criticize Barry.  I want to see the loudmouthed Janine Gerafalo (spelling?) call Herman Cane a racist because ummm, well... geez, that just wouldn't work would it?  I want to see somebody on Comedy Central tell Mr. Cane he hates black people because he wants all Americans to get off their duffs and pursue something besides PlayStation.  I want to hear the soundbite of some ignorant,  pompus ass in the Congressional Black Caucus (a racist entinty in and of itself) make a statement liking Herman Cane to wanting African-Americans to swing from trees.  They have all said it about those of us who find ourselves aligning with the back to basics ideals of the Tea Party and have little to endear us to either of the main parties.  They have stepped totally out of bounds in trying to diminish the impact of the grass roots movement.  I'm sure it won't be long untill the same things are said about a black man, who does have experiences living through segregation and racisim, using the token phrases like he is "an oreo" or an "uncle tom."  I see him as the poster child of what the American Dream is all about, he busted his butt to make something from his modest childhood, and now he stands before us, offering us the answers to the questions Obama and his followers cant honestly answer.