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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enough Already!

Some of you may have watched the "Presidential Address" about creating jobs, blah blah blah.  I did not do so myself, but let me give this a shot.  Barrack made several mentions about infrastructure jobs and putting Americans back to work, to the tune of costing the tax-payers about $400 billion.  We need to fix our crumbling roads and bridges and barfady barf.  WE HEARD THIS 2 YEARS AGO!!!  Mr. Obama, you got $800+  billion, and what can we show for it?  NOTHING!  Dont give me this jobs created or save crap, the overall impact was zilch.  I am sure we Amercians also got lectured about civility and playing nice, but have we noticed that only happens when he wants something.  When the American people want (or dont want) something, we are too dumb to know any better and he is going to do whats best for us.  Any mention of "bi-partiasanship"?  Again, see the previous statement about when he wants something.  How about the Tea Party?  Any mention of them "holding the Country hostage?"  How about being "terrorists?"  Did he happen to appoligize for any of the "Tea Party is racist" rhetoric that is flying around, even during speeches that introduce him?  Did we get to hear about "green jobs?"  Biggest load of crap ever, please see my previous post about Al Gore.  How about the "Millionaires and Billionaires that make over $250 G not carrying their fair share?"  Still waiting on the math that explains the $750 G gap, then I will argue how that steaming pile of cow dung will not work.   I got a few ideas, Mr. Obama, for how YOU can create jobs, and not government ones.  First, lift your unConstitutional (as ruled by federal judges) moritorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, BAM!  Tens of thousands of jobs almost immediately.  Second, get your Dept. of Justice out of Boeings ass!  Stop sueing them because they went to a Right to Work state and left the Unions in the dust, ironically, the layered more jobs at the Union plant due to anticipated orders, POW thousands of more jobs in a blink of an eye. Third, repeal Obamacare, its expensive, kills jobs, and eventually, will lead to the complete ruin of the most successful and technically advanced medical systems in history.  Lower corporate tax rates, as we are the highest corporate tax rate in the world, and we honestly wonder why jobs are leaving?  Get rid of capitol gains taxes, instant incentive to invest in American business.  Anybody wanna place a wager on what happens on Wahl Street tomarrow?  Betcha the Dow drops, it does everytime Barry opens his mouth, but we shall see.

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