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Friday, August 26, 2011

Terms Of Service

Hello All!  Just my first attempt at creating a blog that will hopefully entertain, and with any luck, educate those of you who choose to participate in sharing of knowldege.  Some ground rules, since this is my page.  First, you must be open-minded and willing to research anything that I say that you disagree with.  Second, re-stating anything that has come out of Michael Moore's mouth about, well, anything, or Al Gore's mouth about, well, anything, but more specifically "global warming" is not going to be based in reality, so it will not be considered as an educated response.  I am open for passionate and intelligent debate, not so much up for name calling or shouting down what I have to say.  I will be up front when I say that if you choose to let loose the foulness of calling me a racist or neo-Nazi because I lean toward the conservative side of life, I will respond now, one time only, then delete every cowardly thing you have to say.  First, calling me a racist because I am white would then make you prejudice because you are making judgements about me based on skin tone, so touche!  Second, recent history has the party of (D) lined up on the side of being the racists, I can go into detail at a later date to make that point. And lastly, I want everybody to have the equal access to get out there and better themselves by taking responsibilty for their lives and not laying around waiting for another hand out.  The basic concept is that the American Dream is the opportunity to make your life better, not what can be taken from somebody and given to somebody else in the name of "fairness."  So, hopefully you can accept these terms of service and we can move on to a second post at some point in time.  Until then, take nothing for granted and be willing to learn.

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