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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grow a Set!

Normally, at this juncture I would go on a giant tirade about how our President is a huge liar and is greatly misrepresenting the work done by his pal Harry Reid and the US Senate.  I would rant and rave at how insincere it is to claim the GOP wants to "raise taxes on working Americans," because the House did not pass the Senate's version of a budget, which recently means a very, very short term extension, in this case about 2 months.  Generally, expletives would be flying around as I lay out how the Senate has not passed a budget in more than a thousand days (yes, thats over 3 years.)  But not this time, this time I am coming after the Republican leadership and establishment who cannot seem to do the right thing and look like the Good Guy at the same time.

You see, the House GOP is completely aligned with what their voters wanted when they were elected, especially the 2010 Midterm, where there was a bigger  swing in seats in the House than any other time in the last 60 years.  They have it right, no more piddly extensions so we have to have this discussion again before the snow melts (in Ohio).  The Repubs want to do a full year, which is how spending and budgets and all that stuff is supposed to be done.  But the Dems in the Senate pulled some slight of hand by passing the extension as they were closing up shop for Christmas, and leaving town before the ink was dry, therefor, not allowing for the process of a committee that would work out a compromise between the two different bills, as the House's bill did not exactly match the Senate's bill.  Pretty sneaky, and it even got the support of Obama, who has at least all the available jets ready to fly to Hawaii for the Obama family "whatever they celebrate."  Ya see, the GOP need to stand in front of every camera and every microphone and demand the President get off his plane and that the Senate reconvene to complete their Constitutionally mandated job of passing a budget.  They need to be blunt and let the American people know that the Dems just wanted to go home for Christmas and did not want to do what they should to collect their paychecks (our tax dollars).  But instead, I hear all the rejects on the news stating things like the Repubs are just playing politics by adding the Keystone Pipeline to the bill, putting the President in a tough spot to make a hurried decision.  Good, I am glad they did, 50 plus thousand jobs would do us good right now, plus the oil from a friendly neighbor (Canada) instead of an unstable region who wants to kill us would be seen at the pump.  By the way, it would not be hurried either, this pipeline has been studied for 3 years.  At any rate, the GOP needs to speak out with what their intentions are, what the problem is, and stop being so nice to a political opponent who has no interest in the American process, only in re-election.  Please, Republican leadership, listen to your voters, follow your principals, and grow a set!

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