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Thursday, December 15, 2011

SORRRY... Threw Up In My Mouth A Little

So the news is out, our brave, selfless, heroes are comming home from Iraq, so let me, from the bottom of my soul, thank you for what you have had to sacrifice so that I can sit here and run my mouth while my wonderful children can watch whatever they want on a bajillion channels in a nice toasty house after eating (close your ears First Lady Obama) chicken mcnuggets and apples.  Without your (and your familys') unique ability to swallow your suffering to put God and Country first, we would not be able to continue as the greatest nation the human experiment has ever created.

With all that said, and said sincerely, I have to appologize that I about drove off the road as I listened to the President's speech at Ft. Bragg where he put himself in front of the Country (again) to feed his insatiable ego.  I am sorry that your joy of being reunited with your families, possibly in time for the holdidays.... ahhh, screw it... in time for Christmas has to be ruined, politicized, and downplayed by someone so unAmerican as Mr. Obama.  I remember hearing him say he was "the only major candidate who did not support going to Iraq."  And while that may be the case, in spirit... he did not actually stand on the floor of the US Senate and rail agaisnt the "cause" to the face of VP Cheney, as Barry was in the Illinois STATE Senate at the time.  Speaking of the "cause," it was not applaudable, or acceptable, when President Bush spoke of the evils of the Iraqi Regime at the time, I do believe Mr. Obama stated it was "a stupid war."  In fact, he actually went all around the Middle East appoligizing for America's arrogance once he became Commander in Chief.  But now, however, now that they are his "orders," the "cause is noble and just," and we did the things to bring freedom to people who so desperately needed it.  REALLY?  How gullible, ignorant, uninformed, and naive do you think we are, Barry?  How dare you stand in front of the people who signed up to possibly die for our Country and ooze your slimy, dishonest drivle?  Playing on the emotions of families willing to sacrifice all to play at their heart strings as "the one who brought them home" makes my stomach heave.  I will be heartless and shallow enough to say that it figures, you ran on ending the War when you were elected, now you will seek re election on the emotions of bringing home our loved ones... shame on you.  I hope I sit here, bantering away, not alone, but among many who find distaste in what was said, among many who will, and do, remember your hate for something for which you now want credit, among many who just threw up in their mouths a little bit.

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