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Monday, December 7, 2015

What About My Choice?

Sadly, here we are again, as a nation, watching the politicizing of a horrific tragedy, in an effort for the Ruling Class to gain some sort of mis conceived advantage.  This is where the whole f'n topic goes off the rails for the first point... Human Life is not point in a chess match ya' bunch of elected jackasses.  That is exactly the concept that helps to perpetuate these senseless acts of "work place violence."  We have devalued human life and the propensity to do good and achieve great things, all to be assigned a political class or a racial class or a religious class or a statistic.  We leave the families to mourn these tragedies, collect the data, and put an opponent on blast for our talking point of the day.  So please Mr/Ms/Mrs President/Senator/Representative, I beg you to look at that tiny little oath of office you "took" before assigning new laws that "We The People" have to choke down.  Observe and abide by the Constitution.  Don't try and reinterpret what is there and step above and beyond what is your assigned power.  It's quite ironic that "freedom of choice" is the rallying cry for a woman and her body, when that suites the needs of an agenda.  However, when it comes to MY "freedom of choice" in regards to keeping and bareing arms, which is plainly stated in the 2nd Amendment, according to the ruling class and their water carrying media types, we, as a people are too stupid to be able to exercise that right correctly, so, according to the New York Times, some rights must be legislated.  Apparently reading comprehension is not a requirement to be a writer at the NYT, because the 2nd Amendment strictly says "shall not be infringed " when addressing the role of government in this matter.  So in an effort to level the playing field, I motion to remove freedom of the press from the 1st Amendment, then that kind of ignorant, self serving drivel won't have to be considered as factual thought. 

So, in closing, maybe... Please leave my right to choose up to me.  I'm not going to force anyone to arm themselves and keep guns in their home.  They have the right to choose not to participate in the 2nd Amendment.  Please don't lump me into some group of raving lunatics, regardless of the reasoning behind my choice.  Wether it's hunting and sport, or self defense, or to keep in check the government (please see the extra-Constitutional departments of the Federal Government who have firearms), it's still my right.  And for the people who use misinformation and rhetoric to advance a larger government agenda, shame on you for minimizing your role in America. For those of you overreaching bastards who want to change what is not yours to change, please leave office, and if necessary, the Country.  And for those of you who have been left without a family member because some nut job does not value human life, I pray for you as you mourn a loss that should not be endured, and I ask God to bring a peace into your lives.