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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Riddle Me This, Mr. President

So, Mr. President, your out there campaigning for both your next term and you $450 billion stimulus package that "Congress must pass now."  A few things I need anwered before I even consider not considering this a total waste of time and money. 

First, where in the bleepity bleepin' heck is the $1 trillion we gave you 2 years ago?  If you can give me an destination that does not include some labor union, teachers union, "green" jobs, or global warming funding, I might consider it not complete crap for about.... times up!  That failed, as predicted by everybody who is not you, Harry Reid, or Princess Nancy.

Second, if you can give me a reason that counters the issues that lie within the Solindra fiasco, again I might think about, nope, never mind.  Not sure how that situation is not some how illegal, and possibly impeachable.  But I do know, without a doubt, it was a complete failure and waste of taxpayer money, to the tune of $500 million plus.  For those of you who have not heard of Solindra (if Im spelling it right), it was a "green" company that was going to make solar panels, that due to Chinese competition, among other things, was doomed to fail before they even broke ground.  But, Mr. Obama came to the rescue, giving a government guaranteed loan for the above mentioned half a billion.  By the way, the "venture capitalists" involved in Solindra?  Major Obama donors.

Lastly, and I hate to do this to the loyal readers, but why should you even be President after the death of Boarder Patrol Agent Terry?  Again, not heard of this?  For anybody who has the time to do a little searching, check into Operation Gunrunner, Operation Gunwalker, or Operation Fast and Furious.  The Dept. of Justice Claims it to be a law enforcement operation, except that it extends into Mexico, which is where our jurisdiction stops.  What it really was meant to do was create statistics about gun violence on the Mexican boarder with drug runners in an effort to argue more gun control laws.  Unfortunately, for Obama, the stats were not there, so they started taking guns south, against our own laws.  Sadly, some guns have made their way back north, and have been used against our own agents... so why is our government in the business of selling guns to drug cartels?  Riddle me that, Mr. President.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Enough Already!

Some of you may have watched the "Presidential Address" about creating jobs, blah blah blah.  I did not do so myself, but let me give this a shot.  Barrack made several mentions about infrastructure jobs and putting Americans back to work, to the tune of costing the tax-payers about $400 billion.  We need to fix our crumbling roads and bridges and barfady barf.  WE HEARD THIS 2 YEARS AGO!!!  Mr. Obama, you got $800+  billion, and what can we show for it?  NOTHING!  Dont give me this jobs created or save crap, the overall impact was zilch.  I am sure we Amercians also got lectured about civility and playing nice, but have we noticed that only happens when he wants something.  When the American people want (or dont want) something, we are too dumb to know any better and he is going to do whats best for us.  Any mention of "bi-partiasanship"?  Again, see the previous statement about when he wants something.  How about the Tea Party?  Any mention of them "holding the Country hostage?"  How about being "terrorists?"  Did he happen to appoligize for any of the "Tea Party is racist" rhetoric that is flying around, even during speeches that introduce him?  Did we get to hear about "green jobs?"  Biggest load of crap ever, please see my previous post about Al Gore.  How about the "Millionaires and Billionaires that make over $250 G not carrying their fair share?"  Still waiting on the math that explains the $750 G gap, then I will argue how that steaming pile of cow dung will not work.   I got a few ideas, Mr. Obama, for how YOU can create jobs, and not government ones.  First, lift your unConstitutional (as ruled by federal judges) moritorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, BAM!  Tens of thousands of jobs almost immediately.  Second, get your Dept. of Justice out of Boeings ass!  Stop sueing them because they went to a Right to Work state and left the Unions in the dust, ironically, the layered more jobs at the Union plant due to anticipated orders, POW thousands of more jobs in a blink of an eye. Third, repeal Obamacare, its expensive, kills jobs, and eventually, will lead to the complete ruin of the most successful and technically advanced medical systems in history.  Lower corporate tax rates, as we are the highest corporate tax rate in the world, and we honestly wonder why jobs are leaving?  Get rid of capitol gains taxes, instant incentive to invest in American business.  Anybody wanna place a wager on what happens on Wahl Street tomarrow?  Betcha the Dow drops, it does everytime Barry opens his mouth, but we shall see.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dont Even Know Where To Start

Just read an article from Reuters today saying that the Federal Government is going to sue Big Banks because they packaged bad, high risk mortgages in with truly solid investments and sold them as securities.  This is the part where I'm so full of beligerant rants that I don't know where to start.  Sure, we bailed the banks out, which I was not a big fan of by the way, there are bankruptcy laws in this country for a reason.  With that being said, this particular piece of writing happned to leave out pretty much all the details of how the banks ended up with these subprime mortagages in the first place.  This practice actually started with Carter, Clinton dabbled a bit, and then the Democratic Congress's that we have had running the show from time to time, used the Community Reinvestment Act to put pressure on lenders to lend to unworthy barrowers.  This makes people like Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd look real good to their poverty-stricken constituents, leading to more votes.  Banks were forced by auditors from the Fed to meet certain percentages and quotas in order to maintain ratings and percentage points that would make it favorable to the banks.  If they were not "compliant" bad things happened like lesser ratings, which impacted the banks ability to do business, and dont forget ACRN.  ACRN (Obama's employer before he ran for the Senate) was busy "protesting" banks and bank presidents for being "racist" among other things.  Who could forget about the 14 year old boy who locked himself in a bathroom for hours on end because about 150 ACRN protestors were on his front lawn while his banking father was not home... oh, wait, none of you probably ever heard about that, my bad.  Before I turn this into novel, the best analogy I have for ya goes like this... I walk into a bar, resturant (you can pick the public place when you tell the story) and pick a random person.  I approach this person, and without warning, full on punch them square in the face, breaking their nose and knocking out a tooth.  And now the punchline (no pun intended), I sue him for his face getting in the way of my fist... gotta love it!