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Monday, August 29, 2011

Say What?

Wow, Mr. Gore, did YOU really just say that?  Of all things, saying people who refuse to beleive your giant money making scam are the same as some of the worst people to walk on our planet is quite a stretch... even for you, ManBearPig.  To liken those of us who see your Carbon Trading crock for what it is to people who would beat, kill, and harrass an innocent indvidual soley because of their skin color is down right dispicable.  So, with that being said, let us look a little deeper and see what drives you Dr. CO2, to set standards that the rest of us have to, unwillingly, live by.  A couple of simple questions before we get to the hard part... first, why do you have a mansion in Nashville that runs an electric bill for a month equal to mine for an entire year?  Don't give me that "I purchase carbon offsets" booyang for the simple fact that the company you "buy" your credits from is...um, well...um... YOU!  What do you do, move the money from your left pocket to your right pocket?  Second, if the ice caps are melting and the sea levels are "rising at alarming rates," then please tell me, what on God's Green Earth (and I say green because CO2 is plant food and they are green) are you doing buying an multi million dollar estate BESIDE THE OCEAN!  Might just call you Cpt. Hypocrite after that move.  Lastly, how can you say "the science is setteled" when the "scientific source" for you scheme (East Anglia University) has admitted that they cherry picked data to support your efforts, and in fact, the data actually shows the earth cooling since 1998?  So, I ask you, dear sir, at what point are my disbeliefs not racists, and at what point are your schemes psyhcotic?

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