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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pent Up

Guess its great to back in full force... had some things pent up.  But its time to address the brain drain that is, but shouldn't be, gun control.  Its such a multi-facet conversation, that its hard to get to any one person's root cause for how they have come to their opinion.  I'm gonna be up front, for the longest time my opinion hinged on the fact that I grew up on a farm and learned to shoot at an early age, and enjoy it still today.  But as I grew older and began to observe and understand difference influences and history, my opinions hardened.  So, here is the basic concept we have to understand, as our Founding Fathers considered the right of the public to arm itself, its not about hunting, regardless of how many people say it, regardless of part affiliation, HUNTING DOESNT MATTER, in this conversation.  One may be able to make the arguement that citizens can own firearms to protect their homes... but they leave "from intruders" unsaid.  Generally, intruders is defined as a person or party breaking into one's home to rob or injure the homeowner.  While thats closer to real reason than hunting, its not historically accurate.  Here is the "dirty secret" the Government does not want you to realize... Franklin, Madison, Washington, Adams, and others, put such an emphasis on an gun holding civilian base... to KEEP GOVERNMENT HONEST and dont forget out of our lives.  Remember, they had to fight a war against a British empire, and the rest of Europe was going through similar political turmoil with dictators or kings.  They despised tyranny and wanted to create an atmosphere that promoted a government held in check by its citizens.  That is why Amendment #1 is the Freedom of Speech and Religion, so that we could voice our concerns without fear to jail or death.  Thus making Amendment #2 almost more important, because its harder for a government to shut me up if I can forcefully keep them out of my face.  And should this tyranny-creep happen, the public is armed, and encouraged, to take back the government that has become unruly.  So, for anybody who wants to limit "high capacity magazines" or "assault rifles" because "nobody needs 30 bullets to kill a deer," I answer with "then why does the Department of Homeland Security have the magazines and firearms?"  Not to mention buying up millions of rounds of ammo at a time.  We have an branch for Armed Forces, which includes National Guard and Coast Guard, so why exactly does that department need to seemingly gear up for a confrontation? And who are they confronting?  My questions answer the prior question... I want it, and have a right to it, because I have the right to match firepower with a government who has way surpassed being deemed unruly.  It is often accredited to Benjamin Franklin, as the story goes, after the Constitutional Congress, and everything was signed, a woman approached Franklin and posed the question "What form of government have you given us, a monarchy, a dictatorship?" to which he replied "A Constitutional Representative Republic," to which he followed with one of the most poignant statements in our founding... "if you can keep it."  Well, this is one of those points where we need to utilize our Representatives, hold them accountable, and fight to keep what was promised us in the Constitution.

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