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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

At Last...Wow

Well, I appoligize for the long time between posts... some computer issues along with my great ability to loose sign ons and passwords have left those of you who actually enjoy my ramblings in the cold.  For those of you, I appoligize.  I realize I have missed many a quality situation to rag on one politician or another, or another, or 3 more, or.... I'm sure we get the point.  But there are some simultaneous "partisain" issues (according to the POTUS) that would be front page everything every hour of every day on every channel... if it were a Bush or Regan.  But our wonderfully obedient Progressive media stream has been busy with other things and just NOW realized that just maybe the White House was not ENTIRELY honest during the initial Benghazi developments from last September.  Sorry Hillary, it does make a difference.  Look into the faces of the families of the people who were killed and tell them it doesn't matter.  For those of us who are a little fuzzy on some details... The Ambassador asked for extra security more than 2 months before the planned, yes even the Lybian President told us this, attacks occurred.  Aside from that, the attack was not mere moments long... it went on for 9 freakin' hours!  And we (people in power in DC) had real time knowledge of the events.  And what could those people with that real time knowledge in DC do, right, from this far away?  Unleash Hell.  Yup, unleash it, it was chomping at the bit via drone operators, aircraft carriers, and other locations that could have had several teams of the most elite fighting group, that's right, Navy SEALS, on sight within 4 hours... FOUR freakin', ridiculous, politicized hours.  We had so many options we could have thrown darts to pick, but we chose to "stand down."  Why is "stand down" so important?  We had to give orders to all the different options previously noted to stay put and let 4 Americans die for?  That's it, for what?  There is lots and lots of speculation, none of which will bring back the dead fathers/brothers/sons/husbands.  But to think that some media outlets, because they were lied to then, are just now asking the questions?  Wow, that all I got for that one.

And to keep this next part short and to the point... IRS, you got busted picking and choosing who to harass.  The Tea Party name, or the word Patriot is not exactly a reason to with hold or remove any tax exempt status.  Please, just own it and move on.  With that being said, who really wants the IRS, the tax department of our Country, involved in your health care?  If they cannot honestly review tax exempt applications, what makes us think the are going to levy finds accordingly?  Wow, yup, wow pretty much sums that up too.

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  1. Glad your back! So...Benghazi. It matters. IT ALL MATTERS! And the man in the white house's response to the call when they were under attack? To go back to bed?!? Crazy! Lazy!

    As far as the IRS schtuff goes, when similar things happened when Nixon was in office, he admitted his role (or lack thereof) and stepped down from office. Think Obama will? Hardly. So Nixon was a better president than this one? Sad.